Body Analysis

Why should I measure my body water?

General health standards indicate that one should consume approximately 64 oz. of water per day from food and liquids to maintain a healthy level of hydration. Maintaining a good hydration level will help improve your overall health and general feeling of well-being. If your hydration levels are lower than average, you should increase your water intake accordingly.

How is it measured?

The hydration level is measured by using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA). The same analysis that is used to calculate your body fat is used to calculate your hydration level. Taking into consideration a user's age and gender, a calculation is made that determines the percentage of water.
Please note: It is not recommended to take the hydration measurements in certain situations, such as following exercise, after drinking a glass of water, or directly prior to, during or shortly after menstrual cycles. Hydration may not be at normal levels during these times.